Thomas Jackson's Will


We include here scans of most of the 53 pages but recommend that researchers who wish to see the original scans of this informative document in full detail follow these directions. (These work as of May 2015.)

1. Go to

2. Take the option to Search. (Top Menu bar Or center icon with magnifying glass below top picture. Both lead to same page (has a map of the world on the right hand side of page under the words “Research By Location”

3. SEARCH BY LOCATION On the map of the world, click or double click on USA until a list of American states shows up.

4. Select Pennsylvania from the list.

5. At bottom of panel Click “Start Researching Pennsylvania”

6. Takes you to Pennsylvania Historical Records From the list of PA. collections, go to bottom of list and click on the one for Pennsylvania Probate Records. (Not immediately obvious but fourth from bottom)

7. Takes you to Pennsylvania Probate Records 1683-1994. Next click on “Browse through 3,200,560 images”

8. Brings up a list of counties: Click on Berks

9 From there click on “Estates 1850-1915 Huyett, Solomon to Jeffrey, W. (in right hand column)

10. That takes you to the beginning of that microfilm reel. 2283745 On the menu bar this page us designated as is #1 of 3017

11. Go to image number 1563 for the beginning of Thomas Jackson's file. (The documents are not scanned precisely in chronological order but with a little patience you can see it all.)

12. Page by page we can now go through the 53 pages of Thomas Jackson’s Will and associated documents.

Scan # 1581 includes one more handwritten letter from Thomas Jackson and relates to property that he was passing on to his longest standing employee, John L Wesley.

(The Ambassadors are deeply grateful for Mr Irvin Rathman for discovering these records and making their existence known to us.)


                        View the original scans here